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Intestine Cancer Survivor: I Didn’t Give Up Hope

Mr. Mark
New York

Before I was 40, I was diagnosed with diabetes. After a checkup showed a diseased liver, the doctor said it was likely due to my diabetes. I tried various medicines but my liver just kept deteriorating. My condition grew worse and in early June 1992 I was told I had hepatitis C.

A year later, my health got worse. I found blood in my stool and I was diagnozed with cancer of the large intestine. I had surgery and the surgeon removed a a 1.5 cm tumor from my large intestine. Afterwards, I returned to work but I had chronic fatigue. Soon, I was in the hospital again for another illness: liver cancer. Chemotherapy was not successful because the cancer had metastasized.

Strength Returned

The doctor then said the my lymph gland might be damaged so I needed another operation. They found white powder in the liver — the cancer had spread to the liver. I was told that I only had several months to live. It was around that time that I heard about Tian Xian liquid from the news. I ordered it and started drinking 6 bottles of the liquid every day.

Now, my strength has returned. I can enjoy time with my family, especially taking my grandson to school and picking him up afterwards. All of these activities are precious to me — thanks to Tian Xian liquid.

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