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Cervical Cancer Survivor: Walk Away from Cancer

Mrs. Chew, Malacca, Malaysia

If it needs to come, it comes!

I enjoy life; I love to be happy and energetic every day. I have a hula hoop which is my treasure. I have had it for more than 10 years, and I have to put it beside me every night for a peaceful sleep. I learned how to drive and got my driver’s licence when I was about 50 years old. I like to do things on my own because it is hard to ask others for help. My hometown is a small village in Malacca. I used to have a 2-acre field, where I planted more than 10 kinds of vegetables. My husband and I have been living with this field for more than 10 years. It has supported us to raise my 4 daughters and 2 sons. Time flies! Now all my children have grown up, and I am the age of a grandma. I never ever thought I could have had cancer.

We are devout Catholics; my family relies on God. On December 25, 2008, my children came home from other towns to celebrate Christmas. On that day, one of my daughters found out that I had a curve in my lumbar spine when I was walking and asked me how it was. I told her, “I had a sore back in this last month. Also, I had vaginal bleeding.” My daughter felt it was very abnormal. The next day, she took a day off and brought me to the hospital nearby to have a check-up at the Obstetrics and Gynecology department. A doctor checked my uterus and got a specimen for a further test. The doctor also suggested my daughter bring me to do a blood test.

After a few days, I went back to the clinic to check the test report. The doctor told me directly that I had a high cancer index. Even though I was worried at that moment, I was not scared because when something comes, I have to accept it. My doctor said I was strong because I was very calm. He said, “Most patients will cry when they hear they have cancer. Some of them collapse and can barely walk.” I replied, “I am not young; I have lived until this senior age. Sooner or later, I will pass away. God will bless us all.” After I left the hospital, I did not tell anyone about the result. My daughter called me at home, I told her that I already knew the result and told her not to worry. Finally, I had been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I Suffered for a Long Time Until I Finally Met a Reliable Physician

At that time, my son Alan was working in Kuala Lumpur and knew of Tian Xian Liquid as an anticancer Chinese herb medicine through his friend. He asked about the details of the medicine and hoped it could help my illness and condition. On January 2, 2009, I started to take Tian Xian Liquid.

Meanwhile, my children brought me to see a few different doctors in Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. After the Lunar New Year in 2009, they even brought me to Singapore for check-ups. During that period of time, those doctors worriedly asked me why I did not have any treatments in the past 2 months. They said my condition was very serious because my cervix was festering and I was unable to have surgery. The only treatment option was radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Each doctor showed me a medical bill for tens of thousands of Ringgit.

Finally, one of my daughters suggested that I have treatments at Malaysia University Hospital (MUH). In fact, I was afraid of check-ups because it was a very unconformable procedure. I really did not want to go, however, I still went to MUH with my daughter. I met Dr. Lin, a young physician who was about 40 years old. Maybe it was our fate which brought us together! When I first saw Dr. Lin, I felt inexplicably pleased. My intuition told me that he was a good doctor and would cure my cancer. Dr. Lin was my 7th doctor. After a check-up, Dr. Lin kindly said to me, “No worries; in your situation, you can still have surgery. There is an 80% chance. I have often done surgery with senior patients in their 70s or 80s. No problem.”

In a Timely Manner, I Strengthened My Immunity and Restored My Body’s Immune System. With a Good Doctor, I Returned to Health and Life!

Under the doctor’s arrangement, on February 26, 2009, I had hysterectomy surgery to remove my cervix and urethra, and the lymph nearby. A hanging bag held my urine. It was a successful operation. After 3 days, I could get out of my bed. I recovered very quickly. After 3 weeks (which was the end of March), I started to have chemotherapy. I was scared to have chemotherapy; each time, I had to lie on the bed with an IV drip for 10 hours in the hospital. I also suffered from side effects such as losing hair, vomiting, having no appetite and no tolerance for the smell of food from someone’s cooking. Thus, I needed to take a longer period to recover after the chemotherapy. Since I had been drinking Tian Xian Liquid, my body was revitalized quickly and my hair could grow back in the resting periods between each cycle of my chemotherapy. By September 2009, I had finally completed 4 cycles of chemotherapy.

In October 2009, my follow-up tests showed that my cancer cells had cleared. I was very happy and in high spirits to return home to Malacca. My neighbours were so surprised that I was healthy and relieved.

After experiencing all the processes of chemical treatment, a fear of chemotherapy was generated in me. I do not want to go back to the hospital for the treatment again. With the help of Tian Xian Liquid, my body was quickly revitalized with strength and energy. I can happily play with my hula hoop without stress again. After chemotherapy, I found there were some festering wounds on my legs. One day, I thought I could try to put on some Tian Xian Liquid. Therefore, I got the residue from the empty Tian Xian Liquid bottles that I had finished and applied it on the wounds. Amazingly, my wounds slowly dried out and there was no more pain few weeks later! Now, Tian Xian Liquid has become my second treasure.

I Had Learnt to Let Go and I Am Happy Now

Before I had cancer, I had a busy and stressful life. I got up early and went to the field to work when it was still dark because I needed to sell the vegetables at the market by a certain time. I rarely had a day off. Even at New Year’s, I needed to work in the field to do fertilizing or harvesting. Plus, I was impatient and short tempered sometimes. My stressful life made me unhappy and angry all the time.

After I got cancer, I leased most of my field out in order to recuperate faster. I saved a small area for myself. After I put down that field work, I finally felt relaxed and had spare time. Nowadays, it has become my garden; I enjoy having a walk in my garden and checking my lovely vegetables and fruits.

I know I need to change my short temper and impatient personality and it is not an easy; but I have to do it for my own health. In order to make my family happy, I hope I can learn to slow down and manage my stress and pressure. I believe that when I have a calm, peaceful and relaxing lifestyle, I will own a real healthy life.

Thank God for gratefulness. Let me see all the happiness around me through cancer. I would like to stay in my hometown with my husband; I do not like living in a big city, like where my children work. The air of the city is polluted and it only has buildings standing one by one. At home, there are many fruit trees and flowers I can spend my time with. Neighbours always come over to chat with me. At the holidays, I will have a reunion with my children and grandchildren when they come home for a visit. All of them love me so much. I love nature; I love to walk around my hometown to feel the energy and power that the nature gives me.

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