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Breast Cancer Survivor: Treat It Before It’s Too Late

Mrs. Pang, Malaysia

I Had Never Thought I’d Have Cancer

It was back in October 2008 when I first discovered that I had cancer. I could feel that there was a tumour on my chest bone when I touched it, so I went to the hospital and scheduled for a check-up. I was very nervous and scared at that time. I was usually very health-conscious and adhered to regular exercise. I took health supplements too. Hence I was always confident and had never thought that I would have cancer.

The doctor did a biopsy on me, and the laboratory test confirmed that it was breast cancer. He diagnosed that I had three tumours, the biggest tumour was about 1cm in size and it was in the third stage of cancer. When I went home, I discussed it with my husband and found that he was even more afraid than I was. He was very worried about me. Later we consulted a few other doctors for a second opinion; and I went to Singapore for a check-up as well. The doctor there gave us the same answer. Since Singapore has a higher living standard, I chose to return to Johor Bahru for surgery of the tumour together with the surrounding lymph nodes.

The Cancer Recurred In Less Than Two Years’ Time

After the surgery, neither did I feel any discomfort, nor any pain. I felt just like a normal person, and that was the reason why I didn’t take it seriously. However, I still paid much attention to controlling my diet, keeping up with regular exercise and trying my best to reduce stress at work. I spent a year or more living like that.

But in less than two years, one day, I again discovered that tumours had grown on the previous incision. It was one whole row of small tumours! At first I thought it was just a scar and kind of ignored them. Later, when I went for my next check-up, my family doctor suggested that I should go through a thorough check-up because he thought it might not be a scar. So I went back to my oncologist for another check-up and he told me that my cancer had recurred. He also told me that it was impossible to undergo surgery because that part of the skin was tight and it would be very difficult for it to heal, therefore he suggested electrotherapy instead.

Highly Motivated To Restore My Health In Order To Prevent The Risk of Recurrence

In January 2011, I started electrotherapy. While undergoing it, I came to know about the Chinese Herbal Complex Composition Tian Xian Liquid. And I started to drink Tian Xian Liquid during the treatment. At that time, I was also suffering from pleural effusion and I had 2 litres of fluid pumped out from my lungs at the hospital. The doctor had also discovered that the tumour had spread to the bone. I started chemotherapy for this reason. Around July 2011, I completed all treatment procedures of Western medicine, which included electrotherapy 25 times.

The main cause of my breast cancer was the estrogen that caused the cancer cells to be very active. In order to reduce the estrogen level in my body, the doctor suggested removing both the ovaries and uterus. The same year in August, I underwent a surgical procedure of removing both the ovaries and uterus.

I had a three weeks’ rest after the surgery and resumed taking Tian Xian Liquid. I could felt that my body, hands and legs were becoming warmer, and a rosy glow brightening my face. In addition to a good appetite, I even gained 5kg of weight.

Confidence Is Essential For Recovery!

Over the past few years of fighting cancer, my husband has been by my side taking care of me. I am really grateful to him. And because of cancer, I deeply felt the love and care of the people around me. When they heard that I had cancer, they all got worried and nervous. They wept but I didn’t shed a tear.

The first time I was diagnosed with cancer, I wasn’t afraid because physically I didn’t feel anything. Not until the time when the cancer recurred that I started to feel the fear in me. Now I feel better, but I still get worried or inevitably lose my confidence when I feel the pain. But if one wants to recover, besides sheer persistence, the most important thing one needs is confidence.

Mr. Koo: Only If One Takes Good Care of Their Health One Could Fight Against Cancer Effectively

My wife suffered from cancer recurrence due to metastasis. We did not accept electrotherapy at that time because we thought Western medicine had come to a dead end. And Western medicine approach is to eliminate the cells in the body regardless of whether they are good or bad. We thought this approach was not a good one. We choseTian Xian Liquid, because we believed in the idea.

How could we fight cancer if our immune system is weak? I encouraged my wife to consume Tian Xian Liquid as a complementary therapy. One has to take good care of one’s health, and then only can one fight cancer effectively. In addition, a medical institute in Taiwan has studied Tian Xian Liquid and has proven that it could eliminate cancer stem-like cells.This made us even more confident.

Family, Friends and Faith Give Me Strength to Persist

Spiritual support between husband and wife is very important in the fight against cancer. Cancer patients suffer great physical and mental trauma. If they do not rely on the support of family and friends, it would be harder for them. If one has the opportunity to participate in cancer rehabilitation-related associations, and communicate with other cancer patients who support each other, that would be a good idea too.

I personally think that religion would be quite a good spiritual sustenance. It helps in recovery, too. We are Buddhists and have learned to let go of things and that’s the reason why we don’t feel too anxious. Previously when I was being diagnosed with cancer, my husband and I could not believe it at all! We had always been very health conscious; we followed proper diet and hardly ate any fried or grilled food. We led a healthy lifestyle. Therefore when I was being diagnosed with cancer, the entire family was reluctant to believe it. They were shocked when they heard the news, because they did not live such a healthy life as we did! We all found it very strange. However, the doctor said that my cancer was caused by hormonal conditions. Excessive estrogen in the body causes the mutations of cells.

Treat It Before It’s Too Late!

The first time I have been diagnosed with cancer, we missed the critical time of taking precautions against cancer recurrence. Not until when cancer relapsed did I learn how to take good care of my body, and how to improve my immunity in order to treat and prevent cancer effectively. We sincerely hope that you will remember this principle: treat it before it’s too late. May all cancer patients be strong, and be persistent in taking good care of their health in a more relaxed manner. Let go of all the tedious details in your daily life and learn to love yourself more!

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