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Active herbal ingredients aim to control, inhibit & destroy cancer cells.

100 Cancer Survivor Stories

The Cancer Terminator goes in-depth into the development of Tian Xian and it's anti-cancer properties.  Summaries on scientific tests are also included.

Most importantly, read the 100 cancer survivors who benefitted from Tian Xian.

Doctors Findings on Tian Xian

Dr. Sun talks about "Tian Xian and it’s Anti-Cancer Properties".

Dr. Abe speaks on "An Integrated Approach to Cancer Treatment"

Eliminate Cancer Cells


Complement Western Therapies


Boost Immune System

Improve Quality of Life


Completing Therapy with the Help of Tian Xian Liquid

Mrs. Tai (56, Malaysia)

“One day, a Christian sister told me her husband had cancer of the nose once.  They were in Hong Kong then. They were recommended a herbal medicine by a friend called Tian Xian pill, which had helped her husband tremendously, but she didn’t know where to get it in Malaysia.”

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Tian Xian Anti-Cancer conferences and events were held over the years across the globe — USA, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and Thailand.

There are over 3 dozen published books on the anti-cancer properties of Tian Xian products.  They are in English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, and Korean.

Extensive scientific tests were done on Tian Xian products over the years, and they are published on several medical journals.

Tian Xian Key Ingredients

Tian Xian Liquid has 10 key ingredients that has different purpose and functions.

Ingredients include: Ginseng, Cordyceps Sinensis,  Ganoderma Lucidum, Lycium Chinensis, Fructus Ligustri Lucidi, Sculellaria Barbata, Pearl, Chinese Yam Rhizome, Liquorice, and Astragalus Hoangtchy.


100 Cancer Survivors Honors Tian Xian Inventor

(Chinese with English Subtitle)

In this video, 100 Cancer Survivors gathered to honor Dr. Wang Zhen Guo — the inventor of Tian Xian.  The event was attended by various government officials.

It was held on January 10 — which is the 10th year anniversary of Former President Jiang Zemin’s visit to the Tian Xian facility.

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By Dr. Wang Zheng Guo

The book starts with the current approaches with cancer treatment, then focuses on combining Chinese and Western medicine.  The author elaborates on the development of Tian Xian, and it’s ingredients and their anti-cancer properties.  Also includes stories of 100 cancer survivors worldwide who have benefitted from Tian Xian in their journey.

Download this book, free for a limited time ($19.99 value).



Dr. Guo’s inspiration in his quest to challenge cancer started when he was an intern, after witnessing a 12-year old girl kneel before a physician begging to save her mother’s life.  This started his journey of collecting and categorizing various raw materials from the Chang Bai Mountains, and identifying their anti-cancer properties.


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