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Lung Cancer Survivor: Getting Back to a Normal Life

Mr. Nakashima
Tokyo, Japan

In September, a CT scan on my chest showed an abnormal mass that later was determined to be cancer. Treatment followed immediately. On a bus one day, I saw an advertisement for the book “Fighting against Cancer.” I bought the book and after reading it, I decided to try Tian Xian Liquid.

I contacted the Japanese branch of the International Cancer Recovery Association and began taking Tian Xian Liquid under their instructions. Two months later, I felt my strength returning. A medical checkup later showed that the cancer cells did not grow. I have also recovered my appetite and my complexion turned rosy.

Early this year, another test showed that the tumor sign (CEA) was 39. I can now resume my normal life. I expect the benefits from Tian Xian Liquid to continue to grow the more I take it. I hope that other cancer patients will also try Tian Xian Liquid.

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