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Lung Cancer Patient: Counting On Tian Xian Liquid

Ms. Yamane
Fukushima, Japan

In November 1999, my wife went to the hospital for a checkup because of shoulder pain. The doctor found a 1.5 cm tumor in her lower right lung. Since it was discovered early, the prognosis was good as long as the tumor was removed right away. In December, the doctor told me that although the primary tumor was small, it was highly malignant and had metastasized to other parts of her body. The prognosis was bad: she was expected to live just one year.

I was overwhelmed by this news. I felt dazed and nearly fainted. After my wife had surgery, she went through a series of anti-cancer drug treatments. It was stopped, however, because it caused her a lot of pain.

I began to search for other medicines; I collected health magazines and gathered information from newspapers. I let my wife try all kinds of medicines that we hear could be effective. I came across Tian Xian Liquid and bought the product for my wife. Since then, my wife did not suffer from the side effects of the anti-cancer drugs she was taking. We even managed to go on a trip.

I actually did not reveal to my wife her real medical condition. I just told her that taking Tian Xian Liquid would prevent another cancer occurence. My wife took Tian Xian liquid regularly.

In November, she caught a terrible cold and this led to water accumulation in her right lung. In the hospital, she could not eat nor sleep because of the pain from the operation. Her back also bothered her incessantly and we had to rely only morphine to stop the pain.

Further tests showed that the cancers cells have spread to her ribs, causing constant pain. Seeing my wife afflicted in such manner takes a terrible toll on my spirits.

We are counting on Tian Xian Liquid to help her. I want to welcome the 21st century with my wife by my side.

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