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In the early stages of many types of carcinomatosis, little or no symptoms of disease can be detected. For instance in the case of stomach cancer, the cancer cells develop on the mucous on the inner side of the stomach, expanding steadily in coverage and penetrating deeper into the submucous layer, fascia and serosa. Before it achieves penetration into the submucous layer, it is classified as early stage carcinomatosis. If the cancer is detected at this stage, an operation can be carried out and a recovery rate of almost 100% can result.

This demonstrates the importance of understanding the symptoms of cancer and early detection of these symptoms (see Table 17, pp. 143-145.)

Head-ache, dizzying, nausea (more common at the beginning of the disease)
2. Visual disturbance (decline in vision, narrowness in vision, astigmatism)
3. Dysacusis
4. Dyscinesia
5. Mental disorcers, Also, menoxenia and amenorrhoea etc. disorder of homornes
Acute leukemia
1. Pyrexia, lassitude, aching in the bones, joints etc.
2. Inclination of occasional anaemia and bleeding

Chronic leukemia
1. Slow manifestation of disease, insignifcant symptoms compared to acute leukemia
2. A lump can be felt on the abdomen when the spleen grows in size, which can be detected in gastric-intestine examination.

Cancer 1. Change in colour of nevus or wart, ulceration and swelling of the surface.
2. Ulceration of the wounded parts by cut or burnt
of urinary bladder haematuria
2. ardour urinate
3. polyyria
Cancer Apart from polyuria, residue urine, urodynia, the flow of urine is very weak, taking much time
2. Lumbago, backache, etc.
of Uterus Abnormal bleeding, especially during intercourse.
2. Menses in pink or dark red (leucorrhea)
3. Pains at the abdomen and lower limbs
or Breast Cancer a lump without conspicuous rim can be felt at the mammary
2. Since the cancerous cells are pulling up the surrounding tissues, the skin is stretch like a dimple and the postion of the nipple appears abnormal
3. the lump apapears somewhat in red and sometimes in brown.
4. Secretion from the nipple is mixed with blood
5. Ulceration of the nipple and surrounding parts
of Esophagus blockage on swallowing of food; inability to swallow and have to throw out
2. pains and discomfort at the inner part of sternum
3. abnormality appears on the upper part of the chest, stabbing pain on swallowing food and drinks, etc.
Cancer Slight aching at the stomach
2. dilatation, discomfort, indigestion disorder
3. anorexia, change in liking to food
4. bad smell given out on belching vomitting, vomiturition
5. repeated diarrhea and constipation, ect.
Intestine Cancer Carcinoma of colon
1. tympanites; repeated alernate of constipation and diarrhea
2. abdomen pain, bloody stool, anemia etc.

Rectal carcinoma
1. discomfort on having stool, residual of stool, bloody stool mucosa stool, repeated diarrhea
2. stool appears in small size like a pencil or round shape like that of rabbits

Cancer The early symptoms is pains and pressure on the upper right abdomen, lassitude, anorexia, etc.
2. On further development, a lump can be felt on the upper right abdomen, tendency of jaundice and bleeding.
of biliary duct no symptoms at the early stage, but once complication of cholclithiasis occurs, there is aching at the upper right abdomen and vomiturition. When jaundice occurs along with loss of weight, it is in most cases final stage cancer
of Pancreas aching at upper abdomen, waist and back.
2. anorexia, loss of weight
3. jaundice, etc

On further development, a lump can be felt at the abdomen, especially for a slim person

Hoarse voice
2. Foreign body sensation at the throat
3. pains on swallowing
4. coughing and plenty of sputum
5. swelling of lumph node at the neck
Cancer coughing, sputum, bloody sputum
2. pains at the chest, back
3. fever
4. difficulty in breathing
5. getting slim
6. anorexia
7. hoarse voice, etc.



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