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I am now going to explain what side effects may be brought about by irradiation and chemical treatments of western science. Among the normal cells, those most easily hurt by such treatments are the healthy, quickly dividing and growing cell types found in tissues such as the membrane of the digestive tract, the blood cells of the bone marrow, hair follicles, and so on. Some manifestations of the injurious effects of chemo/radiotherapy are:

• nausea and vomiting
• diarrhea and bloody stool
• ulcerative stomatitis
• anemia
• nulocytosis
• baldness

These symptoms aggravate the symptoms of the disease itself, such as aching, dysphagia, anorexia, weight loss, and so on. They obviously compound the patient’s physical and mental torture. As if this were not enough, the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy weaken the patient’s immune system, in effect weakening the body’s ability to resist disease. The patient becomes susceptible to infectious diseases such flu or is weakened by incessant bleeding. As a result, the cancer sufferer must fight both the disease and the side effects of treatment at the same time! Side effects constitute a tremendous problem in anti-cancer therapy in western medical science, and medical practitioners are compelled to join in the battle against cancer along with their patients.



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