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One thought that had concerned me regarding my formulation was whether it would be practical to deliver Tian Xian pills to cancer sufferers overseas. As mentioned earlier, following proof that Tian Xian pills were effective, a permit for the sale of the new medicine was issued in China in 1986. In the same year, a patent application was lodged in the United States.

During this time numerous orders for the medicine came in by mail. These were from cancer sufferers in Japan, the U.S., Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Korea, and others. Some one hundred thousand persons enjoyed the obvious improvements in their condition after using Tian Xian. However, at that time, Tian Xian was being produced in small amounts, and our equipment was inadequate for producing larger volumes of the medicine. After further research into the curative effects of Tian Xian Pills, I converted the medicine into liquid form that could be more easily taken. This was what the Chinese government recognized as an effective anti-cancer Chinese prescription in 1988 – "China No.1 – Tian Xian Liquid." Since the day of that sad incident in October 1972 that had aroused my desperate desire to "defeat" cancer I had spent a lengthy period of sixteen years to develop Tian Xian Liquid. At last, all the research into Tian Xian liquid proved to be successful.

For this success I would have to acknowledge the pure natural medicinal herbs of Changbaishan, as well as the support of my wife, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends who supported me. I must thank them all, because I would never have accomplished the development of this anti-cancer medicine by my efforts alone.



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